Get control
over your entire business spend

From receipt capture to expense submission, approvals and back office tasks, Zeno automates the entire expense management process with software that’s powerful yet simple to use.

Get control

Stay on top of finances and identify out-of-policy claims in real time to increase cashflow, prevent fraud, and reduce manual administration and errors. Zeno makes it faster and easier to capture and track receipts, automate expense submission and multi-tier approvals, reimburse employees, and reconcile corporate cards.

Get visibility

Don’t let expenses spiral out of control before it’s too late. Get early visibility into expected expenses to effectively manage cashflow and plan ahead. In times of crisis, an expense management system is one of the most effective and tangible expenditure controls that can be visibly used to demonstrate spend reduction.

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Get real-time

When there’s uncertainty, real-time expenses and highlighted risks are crucial to tightening cash management. Take away the guesswork with detailed reporting to run budgets accurately and effectively, identify problem areas, and optimize expense policies while ensuring risk and compliance is up to date with intelligent identification of duplicates, mistakes, or potential fraud prior to expense submission.


Zeno can integrate with most corporate card providers and can ingest or share data with your HR, ERP, Accounting or Finance Management System to reduce manual workflows and improve data integrity.

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In light of this synchronised global slowdown, now is the time to ensure business spending and reconciliation processes are in place to make sure you're in control as cash-flow dwindles and balance sheets come under pressure.

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